The world of cars

The world of cars is very varied in its composition. Many different countries make cars and all have very different ways of going about it. In this post I will try to mention what I think are the key car making countries and the personalities of the cars they create. I will then try to explain my thinking.

Great Britain: We, in this great country seem to be quite traditional in our car making, still using wood in some of the chassis rather than just the interior. (Morgan) Our cars seem to be built on tradition rather than style, with Jaguar only recently coming into the 21st century with the new XJ.

Japan: The Japanese are the complete opposite however; their cars are full of the most modern technology you can find. However their cars are not faultless and it’s their very strength that brings their weakness. They may be full of tech but because of that tech you don’t feel the car has a personality they feel soulless and empty when compared to other cars.

USA: Now the USA seems to take example from their politics in their cars. Shoot first, shoot some more, shoot again, then ask a few questions. By which I mean they will quite willingly put so much power and torque that it will twist the chassis on launch and then ask right at the last second how are we going to turn this or stop this two ton heap of steel. Basically its like the American dream BIGGER is better.

Korea: Now Korea are not great at making cars. They make millions a year, however these are not great cars, not one of them. This is because there is no passion in them; they are built merely to make a profit like a dishwasher or a fridge. They are white goods. There is nothing groundbreaking or vaguely interesting about a Korean car.

Germany: German cars are very good reliable, fast and good-looking. However they aren’t perfect, German cars are just too serious. They are just too precise, a lot like the German people themselves they never go over the top, they always do just enough. Another problem with the key German companies (BMW Audi Mercedes) is that they have all agreed to limit their cars to 155MPH. Even though most of their cars are capable of up to and over 200MPH. This feels to me like the Germans have shot themselves in the foot.


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