Electric cars

Electric cars are at this current point in time are pointless. The G-Wizz may be popular but it’s a car people shouldn’t drive. The car has a top speed of 40MPH and has a range of 50 miles. In this day and age that is just not good enough, and as you see in the photo it is completely unsafe. If you must have an electric car you should get the Nissan Leaf. It has a much higher range of over 100 miles and is much safer, and faster with a top speed of 93MPH.

However personally I don’t believe that we’re going to save the planet with electric cars, not until the government bring out charging points in all car parks nationwide. Which in the current economic climate won’t happen.

I believe that if we do want to save the planet we need to look harder into hydrogen cars. Honda have already released the Clarity which in the eco world is a fantastic car you put in hydrogen, the most abundant gas on the planet and all you get out is water. Hydrogen I believe is the future. You may say we have no infrastructure for gathering hydrogen. However when cars first started we had no oil infrastructure, the first diesel car ran on peanut oil.


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