The most pointless car in the world

Now I wrote a post yesterday about electric cars. This is kind of a follow up with the most pointless car in the world and believe it or not it’s a Mercedes.

Mercedes generally make great cars from the awesome new A class to the giant ML but this car is based on their current supercar the SLS. They have decided to create a electric SLS. My big problem with this and all electric cars is there is no heroism in them.

I’d just like to create an image for you imagine a classic car chase from a film now take out the engine roar the whole excitement in the chase is taken away. Watch fast and furious with the sound off you’ll see what I mean.

Mercedes made a brilliant car with the SLS and have now created a terrible version it may produce more power and torque (740BHP and 740 lb-ft). However I would much rather have a rough snorting noisy supercar than a quiet and peaceful car that saves the planet.

A supercar is all about noise and pantomime. It’s all about screeching tyres and roaring engines. An electric supercar is like a chocolate teapot sounds like a good idea. IT ISN’T

I say again my key point THERES NO HEROISM IN SILENCE.


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