Forza Horizon

Right for anyone who doesn’t know my two big passions are cars and games, and in this post I’m going to combine the two.

Last Friday Forza Horizon was released. I have played the game through in its entirety and the game has a very loose story based around a driving festival with music and cars. I have to say that Forza Horizon is the best racing game out at the moment. The cars although greatly reduced from Forza motorsport 4 are still great, especially the odd new cars such as the original Mini Cooper. The driving is great for a street racing game given the ability to customize the driving styles. Whether it be more simulated or arcade style your after Forza Horizon gives you the choice.

The graphics as with all recent Forza games are amazing and with increased interest in the scenery I think that is the biggest improvement. The environment I have always found in Forza to be coming second best to the cars.

Forza Horizon is currently the best racing game out there because, its also is the only street racing game to still have car customization. Which has been such a let down since other series (Need for Speed) have decided to remove it from the genre ruining their games forever.


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