The best racers in the world

For this post I want to discuss racing drivers. And more specifically what form of racing provides the best drivers in the world.

No. If your thinking Formula one drivers are the best you’d be wrong. Yes they may be the best paid but that doesn’t relate to their skill. The skill in F1 comes from the mechanics if you’ve got the fastest car your going to win it has nothing to do with the skill of the driver. So you can keep your Schumachers and your Vettels. Le mans drivers are certainly amazing travelling around a track for 24 hours is incredible. However they don’t do it alone, a team of drivers takes turns during the race, which loses the incredibleness I feel. And yes Americans I haven’t forgotten about you. But you either drive only in straight lines or you only turn left. Case closed.

Now my personal feeling is that Rally drivers are the best drivers in the world, I think this because they travel upwards of 100MPH off-road. If you think that anyone can do that then I put this to you Kimi Raikkonen decided that he would give rallying a go. HE FAILED completely he didn’t win any rally’s and he crashed on many of the rally’s which is why he has now scurried back to F1. The best rally driver at the moment is Citroen Rally teams Sebastian Loeb being a 9-time world champion he easily smashes Mr. Schumachers record of a mere 7 world championships.


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