McLaren P1

Now McLaren have been on a roll recently the MP4-12c is matching up well to the Ferrari 458 Italia and Button and Hamilton have been slightly closer to overtaking Vettel nearly. But I fear with the new McLaren P1 they may have shot themselves in the foot way back in 1991 with the F1, yes they thought we’ll make an incredible car capable of 241 MPH. But now they have to make something better 21 years later, now that’s a tall order.

It took a while for the other super carmakers to catch up to the F1’s amazing top speed. The P1 has to do the same again with incredible top speed and acceleration the only good thing was that the F1 didn’t handle that great, the back end was too skittish a thought help by most journalists of the time.

No specs for the P1 have been revealed so I cant really say if the car will be good or bad I just think it will be difficult for the P1 to be the same groundbreaking success that the F1 was all those years ago.Image


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