Modifying cars


Now customizing cars is a massive business. Most motoring journalists dislike customizing cars as they feel that it detracts from the efforts of the car industry. They feel customers should buy a car they like, as it is, not buy a car and turn it into a Fast and Furious monster.

There are however a few motoring aficionados who are from the other side of the coin, I am one of them. We believe that a car can be improved by modifying; no I’m not saying that every Saxo or Corsa with a new set of wheels is awesome. You at least have to put some effort in.

Personally I feel if you go to the lengths of giving your pride and joy a new paintjob, you’ll usually be fine with me. Me personally I like to go all out wheels, paintjob and body kit. I like to do all I can to a car and yes that does include engine as well.

Putting your whole bank account into a car is not necessarily the smartest thing to do, however I can guarantee that if you do you will feel so much pride in your car and you will defend it to the hills. If haters gonna hate they gonna hate. But for every mod you put on your car just remember your putting a piece of your personality, a piece of you into that car.

Now for those people who have those Saxos and Corsas with stupid wheels on them just don’t bother you give us car modifiers a bad name. Please either go mad with it or return them to standard there’s nothing wrong with driving a standard car.


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