The British car industry


This post is all about Britain’s now very dwindling car industry. We used to be a monster of the car industry every town had its own factory, there were fantastic little sports cars whizzing round the roads of Britain. Where did it all go wrong?

Austin-Healey, Marcos, triumph, TVR, MG, Hillman. And that’s not even the start, the British motor industry in Britain was fantastic, and yes you may say but we still have Aston Martin and Jaguar. But you forget that Jaguar is now Indian and Aston is now in the hands of first the Americans and partly the Kuwaiti’s.

We had a massive car industry and now we have Morgan, Ariel, Noble, Caterham and McLaren. Our motor industry was great and then some of the blame has to be put on British Leyland as they killed most of the car industry here. It just seems that our cars aren’t what they used to be.

The government hasn’t helped in our hour of need we were just forced to sell up to the Americans and the Indians. We just need to make sure that the companies we do have left we don’t lose them as well. We used to be a motoring giant now we have fallen behind the rest of the world and are stuck at the back, hopefully not forever but it may take a while to rekindle the magic.


One thought on “The British car industry

  1. Gary Cobb March 9, 2014 / 8:17 PM

    You seem to have also missed Bristol Cars thay are doing restrations while a new model is on the drowing bord

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