The Black series


The Mercedes Black series have been on a roll recently. Their new C63 being very awesome as a certain Mr. Clarkson described it “its Winnie the pooh with road rage”. Now they have announced the Mercedes SLS Black and yes it is available in the rather odd colour choice of yellow.

The new SLS has more power and less weight as usual but weirdly a drop in torque. However I’ve always found it odd that Mercedes build a car then make it better with the AMG division, and then make it awesome with their Black division. Why not make a Black car from the start and ignore the rest, it does seem that the Black division is only there to take a big steaming dump on AMG.

I do think that more companies should have separate divisions for tuning their own cars. Jaguar for instance the XKR is prime for tuning but because Jaguar have about as much money at the moment as there is down the back of the sofa, they just can’t afford it. Many Japanese companies already have tuning companies connected to them such as Nismo at Nissan and Mugan for Honda.


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