Ken Block


This post is about one of the most incredibly talented drivers ever, Ken Block. He is currently at the top of his game and is competing in the WRC for the Monster World Rally Team. But you probably know him from his world famous Gymkhana videos. I personally became aware of him after his appearance on BBC’s Top Gear. I have now become the biggest fan of his work since.

Ken is not just a rally driver though he also is a co-founder of DC shoes. He designs some of the best shoes I have seen and I have owned a fair few of them. His first major video to made it big on YouTube was called Gymkhana and since then he has had 3 new cars and 5 Gymkhana videos he started in a 2006 Suburu Impreza STI then moved onto a 2008 Impreza and then moved into his current car a Ford Fiesta personally my favourite.

Ken is probably the key guy in bringing the word Hoonigan into the car world, with him hooning his cars around airfields or film sets he has brought it into the mainstream. He may not have achieved much success on the world scale but I do think he is still an incredibly talented driver.


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