Why Sebastian Vettel is world champion


Sebastian Vettel won the Formula 1 world championship for the third time at the weekend, and well done to him. It was a hard fought battle between him and Fernando Alonso all season, and came down to the final race with Vettel leading the championship. Even though Fernando did his best in the race finishing 2nd to Lewis Hamilton, he couldn’t steal the title.

Now well done to Vettel, but I don’t think the German is a worthy champion or even a talented driver. If you look at Alonso or Hamilton even, they are much more talented drivers. The only reason Vettel has won three championships in a row is because he had a superior car, and because every other team seemed to mess it up the only thing Vettel is good at is not crashing which isn’t that hard to be honest. If you put Vettel in a different car he would not stand a chance. So yes hats off to Red bull for managing to create a great car but the driver wouldn’t have mattered you could put Narain Karthikeyan in the Red bull car and he could win the championship.

Yes people may be screaming at the screen now WHAT ABOUT TOP GEAR and yes Vettel may have beaten all the previous drivers round the track, however Lewis Hamilton raced in the wet with oil on the track as well, Mark Webber raced in the wet. Barrichello is about 500 years old and still beat the Stig who is nothing more than a jumped up movie stuntman with a diary. So its no wonder Vettel beat them round the track.


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