The Greatest Movie Cars Of All TIME

Some cars have got it and some cars haven’t. Yes it’s that movie star quality. Some cars will look amazing on the big screen others just won’t. So here we go, the Delorean in Back to the future, the Mustang in Bullitt, Fab1 from Thunderbirds, the Gran Torino in Starsky and Hutch and of course the king of them all. Star of Dukes of Hazzard, Fast and the furious and bad guy in Bullitt the Dodge Charger.


My personal favourite is the Dodge it just has that aggressive stance and pure power of the V8, the Dodge Charger is the best movie car of all time. Some may argue that the Mustang is of equally high quality, star of Bullitt and Gone in 60 seconds, two brilliant car films. However the Mustang never had the same bad boy attitude of the Charger. The Charger has and always will be the anti-hero of the film industry. The Mustang didn’t die gracefully it just got older and fatter over the year until it just turned into a name for Ford to sell. The Charger ran for 12 years and then it died.

But now it has returned as aggressive as ever and it still has that bad boy attitude. Now it seems that American cars can only become Hollywood legends, and yes the Americans seem to be very good at self-promotion on the big screen. But never forget a certain British classic. Of course star of the Italian Job the Mini, also a legend of the film industry. Britain has also tried to bring a star out in the British brute that is the Aston Martin DB5 and yes it has that star quality but without the MASSIVE promotion in American films the DB5 never became the big multi-film star that the charger was. It became known as very British like the driver a certain Bond, James Bond. 


2 thoughts on “The Greatest Movie Cars Of All TIME

  1. david January 28, 2013 / 7:19 AM

    I love the look of a Charger too, even the one Joe Dirt was driving :).

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