Car Shows

There have been many different car shows over the years, some good, some bad and some absolutely terrible. Many different channels have tried to bring car shows to the people however only one has been successful Top Gear. Many people may be saying well what about Fifth Gear and yes the show has been doing well however Tiff Needell used to present Top Gear along with Vicki Butler Henderson and Tom Ford still writes for Top Gear magazines so basically their show is made up of Top Gear rejects.


Top Gear is the most watched show on the planet with over 350 million views in over 170 countries. Many people have a go at Top Gear for being offensive to so many different things (if I went through the list I’d be here till next week) but this I think is the appeal of Top Gear. The presenters just say it as they see it, they aren’t bothered about rules if they think a car is crap they’ll say its crap. Many viewers have accused it with dumbing down over the past few years with it coming to a head after the atrocious Top Gear India special. This prompted a reaction from the producers of Top Gear and the past series of Top Gear was greatly improved.


Many cars have tried to emulate the success of Top Gear with Sky trying Vroom Vroom. This was disappointing and an obvious copy of Top Gear with cars racing up a multi-story car park as a race track. Pimp my Ride tried something different and it really worked, in America presented by Xzibit they got to ‘pimp up’ muscle cars and 4×4’s. In the UK we got Tim Westwood a 500 year old trying to act 15, and the cars we got shitty little hatchbacks the best car I ever saw on Pimp my Ride UK was a Ford Capri, very disappointing.



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