Top 5 great cars of 2012

There have been a lot of great cars this year so here’s a run through of what I think are the best

5. Volkswagen Beetle – Yes the bug is back and now with a rather handsome more masculine body. The old beetle was to be honest terrible, it was only built to sell the name to girls, it even came as standard with a vase in the dashboard. The new one however looks much better with a great retro looking dash, and beefed up body.


4. Ferrari F12 Berlinetta – The most powerful Ferrari ever with 730BHP coming from a 6.3 litre V12. The body may not be as good looking as the 458 Italia but it is certainly one good-looking machine. I do find it a bit upsetting to see that the most powerful Ferrari ever is front engine but we can’t have everything.


3. Pagani Huayra – The car that nobody can pronounce. Which is why most people including me have followed BBC Top Gear by making a noise of someone throwing up which sounds closest to it. With its 6-litre bi-turbo Mercedes V12 pushing it to a top speed in excess of 230 MPH it certainly is incredible.


2. Toyota GT86 (Suburu BRZ, Scion FR-S) – Overall I have to say the GT86 is brilliant it may sound underpowered with only 197BHP from a 2-litre engine but it handles its power really well, and the brilliant handling makes it one of the most exciting cars this year.


1. McLaren MP4-12C Spider – the new spider is brilliant and frankly I think it wipes the floor with the 458 Italia convertible by being just as good as the hard-top but with a little more head room approximately 6 million miles more. The car doesn’t have the weight problems of other convertibles thanks to the F1 style carbon-fibre tub, which meant the car didn’t need the huge strengthening girders other convertibles need.



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