My choices for 2013


2013 should be a great year for cars and here are the cars that I think you should look out for this New Year.

Ferrari F-150

The new Enzo

The new Enzo yes the incredible new hyper car from Ferrari will be coming out this year. Its one of the most anticipated cars for this year, and will be going head to head with the next car on my list the McLaren P1. This will be one of the most interesting battles this year and I cant wait to find out the winner, even though it has the same name as a giant Ford pick up truck.

McLaren P1


McLarens follow up to the F1 may not be as fast as the old fire spitting monster, but we live in a different age now so the new car will be greener safer and much easier to handle, as the old F1 was found by most people to be a little skittish as F1 owner Rowan Atkinson found out to his cost.


Ford Mondeo


On the other end of the scale we have the good old Ford Mondeo one of the best cars out currently. The new Mondeo looks amazing almost pulling of the look of an Aston Martin. The new car also has the option of a tiny 1.0 litre engine just for those who care about the green movement.

Aston Martin Vanquish


The new Vanquish, well what can I say it looks great has a great engine and is going to be a truly incredible car. The new Vanquish will hopefully be the new James Bond car as well or at least I hope so, as the DBS is looking a little tired now.

Dodge Viper SRT


We’ve known about the new Viper for a while now and it looks and sounds great a lot like the Vanquish. But the viper is so American it should come with dancing girls and the flashing lights of Vegas. I for one cannot wait to see this car as American cars always seem a little special in England cars like the Mustang and Camaro always look that little bit better than the standard euro boxes this is where the new Viper will take it to an new level.


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