Millionaire Boy Racers

I few weeks ago I wrote about rich people and their cars. I was talking about them never using their cars to their full potential. This was because of speed limits and road laws. I added that they should drive their cars on a track and push their cars to their maximum. Now, channel 4 produced a documentary about Arab ‘playboys’ coming over here during the summer months in their supercars and making a racket, called millionaire boy racers. It’s quite a good documentary showing both sides of the coin, the views of the residents and the drivers themselves.

Personally I am going to sit on the fence for this one as I agree with parts of each side’s arguments. I agree with the residents that it is a bit excessive revving your engine at 1 o’clock in the morning waking everybody up, however I’m also on the ‘playboys’ side as well, these people don’t drink because of there religion and work hard for their cars and money and should be allowed to come and let their hair down a bit. But the residents even admit in the documentary that none of them have actually asked the Arabs to keep it down at night and I’m sorry to say come off as being a bit racist, but the Arabs are shown in the film committing numerous acts of dangerous driving and speeding in general both in the gulf and the UK.

When I wrote my post that drivers should push the cars I meant on the track and only on the track I do not condone any sort of dangerous driving on the roads you want to drive like a nutcase do it on a track when you can only hurt yourself and your ego.


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