Countries legendary cars

Each country that has a strong car industry has its own legendary car. A car that is remembered for years and is still as good as it ever was. These cars are timeless and are a symbol for each countries national pride.

England – Jaguar E-type

The legend that was and always will be the E-type. The car celebrated its 51st birthday and is just as good as it ever was. Many people have tried to recreate the legend status of the E-type most notably the Eagle Speedster. I think a certain Jeremy Clarkson puts it best in this Top Gear video.

Germany – Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing


Arguably one of the prettiest cars in the world, the Gullwing Merc was recently remade in the SLS but the first Gullwing is the true legend. Sir Stirling Moss drove a modified version to victory in the Mille Miglia in 1955.

France – Citroen 2CV


Not the best car in the world but the 2CV did manage to star in For your eyes only. The 2CV wasn’t any good at anything apart from driving across a ploughed field with some eggs in the back and not breaking any. Quite a specialized car then I think you’ll agree.

America – Ford Mustang


The Ford Mustang is known the world over for being a great car. When first released the queues were out the door and down the street. The Mustang was a truly brilliant car and is just as cool now as it ever was. If you are looking for one however avoid the 80’s and 90’s Mustang’s as they are truly terrible.

Japan – Nissan Skyline GTR


No matter what Skyline you buy old or new it is a brilliant car. It really demonstrates japan well being full of tech and brilliant to drive. The GTR’s are always brilliant and always gives you the feeling of speed with a massive drop in price compared to supercars.


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