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The inspiration for this post comes amusingly from a friend’s rabid and almost universal hatred of all cars that are American. It led us to ask ourselves— is this kind of knee-jerk dismissal passé? Surely, not all cars coming out of Detroit are an abomination, are they? And as we had concluded recently, the answer came swiftly: certainly not.

Our criteria for this list was simple:

  1. Does this car do the American automotive enthusiast (in particular one who might have traditionally had a European or Japanese bent) proud?
  2. Would we rock this?

Here they are, in no particular order and not restricted to a specific price point or category in any way— there’s something in here for almost everyone.

Ford Focus ST:

As discussed recently.

Mustang Boss 302:

Why this and not the Shelby GT500? Simple: just the refreshing purity of the Boss 302, which gives you everything you need and…

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