Legends of the motor industry

Enzo Ferrari


Yes the man himself, the one who brought us the prancing horse of Ferrari without him the super car industry, would not be the same Lamborghini may have brought us the first mid- engine road car with the Miura but Ferrari is the true hero of supercars if its not red with a prancing horse on the badge then it can’t be a true thoroughbred super car. Known as quite a harsh man he managed to see the launch of the F40 one of the greatest cars of all time before his death in 1988 and had the F60 named the Enzo in his honour.


Henry Ford


The only man to rival Ferrari in the legend status he was the man to bring the world the production line, he brought the Model T into the world, by 1918 half the cars I America were Model T Fords. However contrary to popular belief he never said, “You can have any colour so long as it’s black.”


Jeremy Clarkson


Whether you love him or hate him Jeremy Clarkson is a legend. He is the one who is blamed by many for the death of Rover.  His non-caring attitude towards other people’s opinions has caused him to be a worldwide success, that and the fact he is on the most watched show on the planet.


Richard Noble


Many of you might not of heard of Richard Noble. But you should. This is the guy that pushed the limits of speed on land in the Thrust cars. He set the record in Thrust 2 at 633.468 MPH(1019km/h). He was also on the project for breaking the record in Thrust SSC pushing the record to 763.035MPH (1221km/h). Now he is pushing the boundaries again with the rocket engine Bloodhound SSC which is set to break the 1000MPH barrier. This guy is a true Hero and He’s British.


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