Love the beast


Love the beast is a documentary about Eric Bana and his Ford Falcon. It follows him as he takes part in the Targa Tasmania a road rally across Tasmania. It also follows Bana’s deep love for his car, a car that he’s had since he was 15. This film is essential for car lovers everywhere; because it not only follows Bana’s racing career but it also shows the tragic death of the car. Bana sadly crashed the Falcon on the Targa, and is currently rebuilding it. Many people may think that it’s just a car but in the film we see Bana’s emotions come through at the thought that he might have killed his love, his Beast. This car to him has been with him through everything.


The documentary gets interviews with two famous petrol heads Jay Leno and Jeremy Clarkson, These two understand the spiritual love that Eric has for his car as they reveal in the interviews. Bana also interview Dr. Phil to find out why this car means so much to him. I also recommend this film for non-petrol heads as it will explain why we have such a love for cars.


The pain at the death of the car is felt throughout his family and his friends, that car was the centre stone of there friendship. The car is a central part of family life and both his father and Bana himself have a love for cars, his father happens to have ford thunderbird, the last time it ran was at Bana’s wedding. Towards the end of the film the thunderbird gets fired up for the first time in 10 years. Both these cars are central to Eric and his father.


I say again this film is essential to any car lover


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