Top Gear is Back!


Yes the legend that is Top Gear is back for a nineteenth series. Personally I think this episode was on the upper side of average. WARNING SPOILERS! In this episode we see James co-drive whilst Kris Meeke throws a Bentley Continental GT Speed around a rally stage. We also see Hammond drive the Pagani Heuuurur sorry, Huayra on the track. And finally we see Jeremy being Jeremy in a car supposedly smaller than the Peel P50 although to it looked a whole lot bigger.


Personally my favourite piece of the show was the GT Speed. Kris Meeke you may remember beat Amy Williams at Lillehammer in a Mini rally car. His driving hasn’t got any worse, his driving on the rally stage was simply incredible along with the facial expressions of Mr. May, especially considering he couldn’t se the handbrake.  I’ve never really liked the Continental GT it seems just too big and cumbersome, and then there’s the footballer factor.


The Huayra, I’ve also never liked, I always preferred the Zonda. The Huayra always looks giant to me and it may be incredibly fast, and it really blitzed the track but I think the Zonda is better looking and just nicer in every way. The Zonda was always the first to be absolutely bonkers and the Huayra just isn’t as bonkers as it should be.


Jeremy’s Peel P50 or P45 as he calls it looked giant compared to the P50 it may be just taller but the whole idea was for it to be Smaller than the P50. I think Jeremy’s original P50 film where he drove round the BBC building was much better. However Jeremy must have huge kahunas to drive the P45 on the dual carriageway as although it was planned the cars were still travelling upwards of 70 MPH.


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