Fast and the Furious 6

Yes yet another film in the fast and furious franchise the first key car has been revealed in the SP Engineering Nissan GTR quite obviously going to be driven by Brian O’Connor (Paul Walker). The film is also been said to be set in London. This I really hope is true because I think a European Fast and furious film will be awesome. The franchise has only ever focused on the Japanese and American market and now I hope to see some euro cars, which I think would be great, some super Merc’s or uber Beemers maybe.


The GTR has been one of the few Skyline/GTR’s to not feature in a key part of the films. However with the characters having got a sizable amount of money in the last film now they have the top cars. Nothing about the plot has been revealed yet however we do know that all key characters are back Toretto (Vin Diesel), Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson), Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), Mia (Jordana Brewster), Han (Sun Kang) and Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and the aforementioned Brian (Paul Walker). Along with many more.


Another rumour about the film is that it will be the last of the series. This disappoints me. As I’d quite like to see a film with the final meet up in Japan with Tokyo Drifts Sean Boswell (Lucas Black). That, I think would finally round off the series. The Fast and furious series has always been essential viewing for any car fan and the 6th will be no different.


The Films trailer hasn’t been released yet, but is meant to be shown at this years Super Bowl. I will add the trailer as soon as possible.



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