Big Birthday for English Legend


A true English legend of the motor industry is having a big birthday this year, no I don’t mean James May turning 50. I mean Aston Martin turning 100. Astons are known around the world for being leaders in the British super car industry creating world-beaters both in looks and in style. You drive a top end Aston you have style. Driving a DBS, 177 or a Vanquish you are driving a piece of England.


Off course you have the classics of the DB4, 5, and 6 but it doesn’t matter what you drive I can assure you, you’ll feel like James Bond and that’s all thanks to the DB5. The New Vanquish is arguably their prettiest car ever and will continue to bring them to the forefront of the supercar industry. There is a reason Aston Martin is known as the British Ferrari.


Aston Martin is one of the few companies to sell a car for over £1 million. The One-77 is the ultimate in prestige and luxury, and it goes like the clappers. Thanks to its 7.3 litre V12 pushing out 750BHP and forcing the car to a top speed of 220MPH. its truly a gorgeous car but with a price tag like that I wouldn’t expect to see one on your neighbors  drive way any time soon, that and they’ve completely sold out.


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