Top 5 Driving Songs

1. ACDC, Thunderstruck

I have to thank a friend of mine for showing me the wonders of this song when it was played repeatedly on a trip to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. This almost resulted in quite a few speeding tickets many a time.


2. Steppenwolf, Born To Be Wild

A timeless classic driving song, if you haven’t played this whilst driving then you haven’t lived. The whole feeling of being free with no police on an open road in a nice car gives a brilliant feeling as if your driving in a movie.


3. Ram Jam, Black Betty

This song brings the Dukes of Hazzard straight into your car you automatically feel like you’re in a police chase fleeing Boss Hogg and his cronies. All you need is a Dodge Charger and a clear road and life is complete.


4. Primal Scream, Rocks

This song has been my favourite for many years now and has made me break the speed limit many a time. This song is perfect for the drive home after a hard days work get on a lovely B road and put the hammer down, all the stresses and strains of work will simply float away as you get pulled over by police for speeding.


5. Queen, Don’t Stop Me Now

This song is and always will be a classic. Freddy and his boys truly bring it when it comes to driving songs. Bohemian would probably make this list if it was ten songs but personally I feel Don’t Stop Me Now is the better driving song. You may disagree but that is personal opinion.


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