Big Ass Trucks


Quite a few companies have got into the habit of producing huge big ass trucks stuff like the Dodge Ram and Ford F150. However there now seems to be a new trend in selling Big ass trucks (from now on known as BAT’s) with enormous engines. Stuff like the Ford Raptor and the original BAT the Dodge SRT10. Personally I am the biggest fan of these trucks. The problem is these BAT’s just don’t work in the UK or Europe. I like BAT’s because of their size and power however this is the reason they don’t work in Europe.


However things may change as Mercedes has announced the G63 MUV the Monster utility vehicle. This six-wheel drive (yes SIX) BAT is powered by a twin turbo 5.5 litre V8 shoving out 536BHP and 560lb-ft of torque however it needs all that power to pull the 3775 kerb weight. The problem is this won’t work in Europe either as its even bigger that all the other BAT’s. The problem is the roads in Europe are just too narrow to drive them on, not to mention everyone will hate you.


Why I like them is they are just different to the normal Range Rovers and BMW X5s. Pick up trucks are rare on British roads and usually they are just fucked up builders trucks. The BAT’s are never seen on British roads due to their size and of course fuel economy but they are literally enormous fun. My personal favourite is the Ford Raptor because you can pretty much drive anywhere you want at high speed, off-road, on road it just doesn’t matter.


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