World’s Toughest Trucks

Here is a list of the cars that when nuclear war happens and everyone is dead will be left with the cockroaches to roam the planet alone.

Land Rover Defender


The perfect choice for farmers and off roaders alike. The Defender make the list for one good reason in 1997 a Russian team drove a Defender to the top of mount Elbrus. That’s 18,510ft one man even tried to drive it down again it did not go well. Whilst most of the team went back to get chains this happened.

“The driver, who stayed behind was supposed to wait for the climbers to bring the gear back up to the top. For one reason or another he thought he’d be able to get the car himself. Next thing he knows the Land Rovers starts to get away from him and is barreling down Elbrus – the driver got out just in time, jumping from behind the steering wheel. The Rover continues plummeting down until it smacks up against the rocks at 5400m. One of the wheels then breaks loose, continues it’s downward journey and nearly kills the climbers who went down to fetch the chains. They all lived, and the Rover is still there to this day.”



Toyota Hilux


Thanks to Top Gear for this one.  First they did everything they could to destroy one. Then they decided to drive one to the magnetic north pole. The first one they dropped it off a building and it survived. However don’t capsize one in a lake, as that will kill it. They also drove one to the top of a volcano this car truly is brilliant and its indestructible.


Toyota Land Cruiser


The ideal choice for rugged off-roading used in Australia and South America and most of Asia. The Land Cruiser is what killed off Land Rover in the rougher countries like Australia simply because they just won’t die. if you want something that is a go anywhere do anything vehicle you want a Land Cruiser. 


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