Where does Top Gear go from here


Top Gear recently finished their 19th season. Many people think that the show has become way to stale and scripted. I for one agree with these people. The show which hasn’t been right for a while, recently finished with their first ever two part Christmas (even though it was march) special finding the source of the river Nile. This although being better than the previous Christmas special in India was still not the greatest.


I think that the show should go to Australia, as it’s an area the show hasn’t really touched on other than testing the Vauxhall VXR8/ Holden Monaro and the Holden Maloo. The team all really liked them so I find it confusing that they haven’t touched on the rest of the Australian cars. Australia seems to be completely left out. TG has been to America, Bolivia, the North Pole most of Europe and even China yet they have left Oz completely untouched.


Australia is one of the key places in the world and yet it hasn’t been touched. We only see one challenge with Oz and that was filmed in the UK with the Australian TG team. As for the scripted and stale nature of the show I don’t think you can do anything. To have it unscripted you need for things to happen naturally and if nothing happens then you have no show. Top Gear would be even worse if their were no jokes scripted or not and the cars all ran perfectly fine with nothing going wrong they would get a lot more complaints.


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