Bad news for Bugatti


People may be thinking that the Bugatti Veyron SS is the fastest car in the world. However Guinness has removed this title because of a technicality.


The Veyron SS was filmed for Top Gear breaking the previous record with a top speed of 268MPH however the car had its speed limiter removed meaning it had been modified. This meant cars sold to customers couldn’t reach the amazing top speed.


Bugatti understandably think the record should stand saying the customer’s cars were limited to 258MPH for safety reasons. Yes because 258 is soooo much safer than 268. Personally if anyone is doing either of those speeds on the open road they should have their license removed and should be jailed for a long time.


The new fastest car will either be the old SSC Ultimate Aero with a recorded top speed of 256MPH or the Hennessey Venom GT which hasn’t been officially recorded yet but has been seen reaching 265MPH.



2 thoughts on “Bad news for Bugatti

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