Gumball 3000 Returns


Yes, the Gumball 3000 returns for its 15th anniversary rally. This year they’re racing (sorry rallying) from Copenhagen to Monte Carlo. Starting on the 19th May and ending in Monte Carlo on the 24th May the weekend of the Monaco Grand Prix. The six-day rally will cover thirteen countries across Europe.


Of course you have the usual range of mental Lamborghini’s crazy Ferrari’s and awesome Pagani’s. You also have the usual range of celebrities including The Hoff, Tony Hawk and of course Maximillion Cooper (founder of Gumball 3000)


Countries have often tried to ban the Gumball due to the crazy antics of the Gumballer’s and the insane speeds they reach on public roads. Max Cooper always says that Gumball is not a race even though many of the Gumballer’s do try to be first to each checkpoint.


It’s always been an aim of mine to race in the Gumball… sorry rally in the gumball. However it is ferociously expensive to enter you need a reliable fast car you need money for fines from police and insurance for the whole trip and you also need money for fuel during the trip and getting to the start and home from the end of Gumball and thats if you don’t crash. This unfortunately is the cost of the jet set Gumball lifestyle.



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