License to Kill

Last night BBC three showed an incredible documentary about young drivers and their speed. License To Kill was a documentary presented by Sophie Morgan, herself being a victim of young persons driving, her own. When she was 18 Sophie was driving some friends home. She was speeding down a country road and rolled her Renault Clio her friends were fine however Sophie was paralyzed from the waist down. Her attitude to speed has completely changed.

This documentary has deeply affected me as you see the victims of speed not only the people they hit but also the drivers themselves. When you see people in this documentary you realise that there are no winners with speed. There is no benefit to speed the drivers are away from their families thanks to their jail sentences which although they rightly deserve them still hurts everyone and of course there is the people they hit who are affected often years after.

The jail terms for the drivers are way to short for the damage they do to the families of the people they hit. One case in the films tells that the victim will be recovering way after the driver has got out of jail. This is just wrong.

I’ve spoken of my opinion of speed on the public roads before on this blog please don’t speed this documentary has convinced me that there are no good points to speed, everyone loses. If you want to race and speed go on a track day. You have no chance of hitting pedestrians and if you do crash they have the emergency equipment on site giving you the best chance of survival.


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