Run To The Sun is Over


Run to the Sun the well-known Cornish car and music festival has finished with the last festival closing yesterday.

Run to the Sun has decided to finish after their 27th year. The Newquay festival famous for its music and Volkswagen show took place at the Trevelgue Holiday Park.

The festival has always been big for the VW fans: “I just love to bring my bus down and soak up the atmosphere.” Said Jack Shory 25, from Birmingham, “the journey takes a while but the festival is awesome.”


The festival has often caused upset among the local residents because of the conjestion of the roads and the noise late at night. However the Run To the Sun festival has never been there to please the locals it’s there because of the amazing music and cars on offer.

The show and shine is always a highlight of the festival for the car fans and this year was no different with hundreds of Golf’s Beetle’s and Campers coming from miles around just for the festival.

Local resident Steve Plyde said: I wont miss the festival at all, I mean yes the young people have lost their festival but us residents have regained our quiet beautiful scenery.”


Crime has halved this year thanks to a strong police presence at the site and surrounding area, with 34 offences recorded between Friday and Monday compared to 64 last year.

Many will sadly miss the festival as it’s always been one of the first modding festivals of the season but sadly the VW scene will have to find somewhere else to start their festival season.


One thought on “Run To The Sun is Over

  1. Malc May 29, 2013 / 9:44 AM

    I missed the first one but made it along the second year and then pretty much every year through the 90s. It was originally organised by Custom Car Magazine (I Think) and there only a few VWs at the first couple.

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