Ford Australia Dies along with the Falcon

So Ford Australia is dead and along with it goes the Ford Falcon. Fords ozzie flagship will finally die leaving the Holden Commodores to triumph in the Australian muscle battle.


The Ford Falcon was first released in 1960 in Australia but struggled to compete with the much cheaper Commodores. This was mostly due to the increased import prices of parts.  The Falcon never really gained any momentum until the second generation released in 1966. This was because ford marketed it as the, “Mustang bred Falcon”. The Falcon was now much more in tune with the American legend of the Ford Mustang. Now being sold with a 4.7 litre V8 producing 200BHP.


This was the big break for the Falcon as it was heralded as the dawn of the Australian muscle car. The Falcon has taken many forms over the years with the third generation XB taking the country by storm. Eric Bana still owns his from when he was 16 for more on that watch his film, Love the Beast, which follows his journeys with it, up until he crashed it.


Unfortunately like most of the classic muscle cars the Falcon went down hill and fell into the trap of becoming a low-end family sedan. However in 2002 Ford put a V8 back in the Falcon and brought back the legend and for a time the falcon eclipsed the Commodore in sales figures.


But due to new emissions regulations in 2010 Ford was forced to phase out the V8 they did this so slowly however that many people didn’t notice it was gone. But FPV Fords Australian performance division changed this by giving the Falcon a 5.0 litre V8 from, yet again the American Mustang. This produced 449 BHP and 570 lb-ft of torque.


Sadly though ford wasn’t selling enough cars in Australia and in 2016 will stop producing cars in Australia altogether. The Falcon will get another update in 2014 but will still die in 2016.


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