Can’t anyone make small cars anymore?


Recently there seems to be a trend in carmakers taking their small cars and making them giant. Take the Fiat 500 for example Fiat recently brought out the 500L which is giant in comparison, personally I can’t wait for the giant Abarth. The same thing has happened with the Mini, I know compared with the original 60’s Mini the new one is already giant but now BMW have made the Mini Countryman and the newly announced Mini Paceman.


Now I’m not saying car companies should make cars like the Peel P50 as its just pathetic and unsafe, but cars need to be smaller cars like the Toyota IQ and the Smart Fourtwo. The problem it these aren’t usable as family cars back in the 60’s the Mini and the BMW Isetta were still usable as family cars. They may not be as safe as cars today or a luxurious but they worked.


Small cars now are cars like the Ford Fiesta and the Toyota Aygo these are small cars that are still usable as family cars but still have the safety and luxury cars that we demand in them. If cars makers put enough effort in I’m sure they could get a car as cheap and as small as the original Mini but they just don’t try anymore.



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