Top Gear Series 20 is OVER


So Series 20 of Top Gear has finished, and frankly that’s annoying because it felt like they’d just got into their stride. This is the problem with the 6 show series Top Gear does. When the first show starts it not the best and by the end of the series they’ve managed to put together a brilliant show, but then it finishes.


Top Gear has always been a mixture of great car tests, races and cheap car challenges, then they have the stupid stunts (Hover Van, Peel P45, Caravan Holiday) personally I have gone off the stupid stunts, everyone knows they’re faked and they’re starting to get annoying.


This time the guests for the Star in the Reasonably Priced Car were very very good even though some of them were just there to plug things such as Hugh Jackman with The Wolverine. Most of the guests seemed liked they actually wanted to be there, especially the last guest Mark Webber. Who seemed especially keen to beat a certain Future ex teammate. It also seemed clear that hes not Sebastian Vettel’s biggest fan, I share his view.


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