BMW have gone crazy


BMW have been going mad recently with the newly announced M4, BMW have also announced the new M3 and they have also said that the new 1M will be called the M2 this is because they reserved the M1 name for the special mid-engined cars could this also mean there’s a new one on the way I don’t know.


BMW have also revealed a new concept in the BMW i3 its frankly quite a hideous little electric car. Its to big and bulky up in the front and from the side it looks like it’s already been in a crash front and back.


Personally I hope this doesn’t mean that BMW are going to start making hideous little electric cars because they are not the future the pathetic little electric motor, the top speed is only 93 MPH however motor does give out 170 BHP, and it will go from 0-62 in 7.2 seconds which for an electric car is quite impressive. But the biggest problem with the standard car is the range 80-100 miles, which is terrible.


BMW does offer a range extending 650cc Petrol engine which charges the battery this increases the range to between 160 and 186 miles but the 0-62 time does drop to 7.9s. This is still no match for an ordinary car even in the mother of all super cars you could get further than that.  Now we come to the price of all this electrical wonder £25,680 standard with the extra engine its £28,830 yes almost 30 grand for an ugly slow car that can’t go very far I think I leave that there.


3 thoughts on “BMW have gone crazy

    • jamesharley68 August 17, 2013 / 8:58 PM

      I get the feeling it’ll be like the McLaren P1, everyone expected it to be a throwback to the F1 but it was completely different.

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