Classic Cars

There’s nothing quite like a classic car is there. Flying down the road in style with the wind in your hair, nothing can match it. What makes it even better though is when you’ve spent months even years restoring your car to bring it back to its former glory. Many people do this partly just to keep a classic going, but others do it because they love it. I can completely understand that.


It means you know every single little nut and bolt, every individual part, you also know how much effort went into building and re-building the car, this is similar to those of you who modify your cars, because you’ve spent so much time on your car you take care of it and drive it carefully which in turn means driving it safer. If you smash it, it genuinely hurts because it’s your time and money gone.


Many people want a classic car so they can fix it and drive something you don’t see everyday. Many people start out with a good old VW Bug, this is because they are simple and easy to fix, get one in good nick and you’re on to a winner. I recommend you start out with a Beetle then move on to a bigger project like a good ol’ American muscle car or an E-type.



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