Caterham have found a new design


Caterham have revealed a new car at the Singapore Grand Prix and it’s not what you’d expect. No it’s not just there normal design that’s been around since the 1950’s they’ve actually designed a new shape. Caterham call it the AeroSeven and its due to arrive next year.


It’s based around the current CSR, except with the new awesome body that generates real down force. This is also a sign of a new breed of Caterham as it comes with ABS and traction control, the AeroSeven is basically a track car this is proved by the fact that it comes with a pit limiter.


Caterham can no longer be seen as a snotty little British car brand that can be monstered by the bigger more powerful companies Caterham, have recently made a deal with Renault to bring back the old Alpine name. With the new AeroSeven I truly hope Caterham can be taken more seriously as they are truly brilliant little cars that now have the clout to take on the big boys even in F1.



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