No More Camper


The Volkswagen camper is no more. I know what your think it was no more a long time ago, but your wrong the iconic bus is still in production in Brazil. VW say they cannot change the production to fit in with new laws, which say that all cars must have ABS and airbags. The Bus has been carrying hippies and surfers alike for over 60 years but sadly no more.


The Germans stopped production in Europe in 1979 due to it not meeting safety standards. Although the VW camper may be dead it still lives on in classic car meets where the bus along with the Beetle are absolute legends. Even a barn found car can reach up to £10,000 and for a really good one your looking 30 grand and up.


People loved the early VW’s for their simplicity and lovable character, few cars have reached the legend status of these cars. The VW Camper was always the more practical choice and is my personal favourite because it’s a bulky simple lovable slow old bus. Its like the dog that’s getting on a bit it may not work as well as it used to but you still love it.


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