Is Your Truck Too High or Is Your Car Too Low? The Pitfalls of Modification



Car modification is a major industry in the United States and indeed around the world.  Millions of people want their production car to be more than just that- faster, more capable, better looking, or just plain more unique. Many are satisfied with a few simple mods to make their car faster or a bit sleeker,  but many peoples’ main hobby is modifying their cars or trucks to extreme potential. I have participated in this before and I will say it is immensely fun and rewarding and by the end of the ‘project’ you can end up with a truly special and impressive vehicle… or not.           

            For every brilliantly modified car there are at least 3 poorly modified abominations. I think it is pretty safe to say that almost everyone in America has seen at least one bro truck , rice rocket, and slammed import once in their lifetime. However…

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