Sebastian Vettel, A Worthy Champion?


So unsurprisingly Sebastian Vettel has won the Formula 1 World championship for a 4th time. Some people are putting him up there with the greats of Schumacher, Prost and Fangio, I think not. Sebastian Vettel hasn’t had to fight for anything in his career he easily beat out Mark Webber to become the number one in team Red Bull. But he has never had to fight for a win he either leads from the start or the other teams break down. His car is monumentally faster than the rest of the pack making his life easy.


This world championship is the Red Bull teams not Vettel’s they are the ones who gave him the world beating cars. He had little to do with the outcome, you could put a 70 year old lady behind the wheel and she could have won the championship. There were no real battles this season and most of the cars were really reliable. But with the championship all wrapped up we can concentrate on Mark Webbers retirement from F1. I’m not a fan of Vettel, I never have been, I think there are much better drivers on the grid. Lets hope that the new regulations coming in next season will end Red Bulls dominance. Hell maybe Daniel Riccardo will destroy Vettel from inside the team. One thing we can be sure of Vettel is a bad loser we’ve seen this before and I hope we see it again.


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