The New GIANT Mini


 Yes there’s a new Mini and guess what its still giant. The third generation BMW Mini is still a giant of a car compared to its predecessors. And this time the engines are smaller. Hmm, bigger car smaller engines, I think someone needs to tell BMW they got it wrong. The brand new 3 (yes that’s right) 3 cylinder 1.5litre engine in the cooper get 134 BHP whilst the 2 litre 4 banger in the Cooper S gets 189 BHP.


This new Mini is just a badge for BMW to sell this car is no relation to the original classic mini its too big, too safe, and too German. In the original if you crashed you died simple as that. BMW Board member Peter Schwarzenbauer said, “It’s a brand new car under the skin and it retains that go-kart feel to drive”. I somehow doubt this new Mini will be able to out handle the original Mini as that car was a sensation.


Until BMW can make a Mini as small and fun as the original I reserve the right to completely ignore it. This mini isn’t a mini it’s a BMW in a retro coat, and no painting a union jack on it does not make it British. BMW say the car will be built in there Oxfordshire plant with sales to start early next year.


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