Rumours for 2014

Many people are speculating about what we may see in this upcoming year. These are merely rumours I have heard throughout the motor industry and are in no way confirmed.


Ford Fiesta RS

Since the success of the Fiesta ST last year (it was even my car of the year), Ford would be well advised to bring out an even hotter version of the premier Hot Hatch. Horsepower wise probably expect more than the Fiesta ST but less that the mental Focus RS, between 230BHP and 250BHP would be my guess.


Beetle Dune 2

Many people urged VW to put the original Dune concept into production way back in 2000 but they didn’t. It was going to be an off-road beetle. The problem with this is I see the retro car turning into the Mini with thousands of different types none of which are any good except the original.



This is pretty much confirmed the M2 will be the new 1M coupe and the M4 will be the new 2 door M3 not much more to say other than expect these to be on the streets very soon.


Ferrari California

Yes I do realize that there already is a Ferrari California, however due to Ferraris life cycle this would be the year for a new one maybe Ferrari San Francisco. Many people hate the original California just because it is the soft Ferrari, however I quite like it, even if it does look like a Lexus SC430.


Toyota Supra

The Toyota Supra is a legendary car. Not much is known about the new Supra or even if it exists. It’s not even known what it’ll compete with, will it go for the Super car market against Ferraris, or will it stand where the original was, against the coupes, Audi TT Alfa Brera and Mazda RX8. Personally I think it will be the latter. I think it will be a bigger more powerful GT86. This car is so unknown its even tough to find a picture.


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