The Classic British Sports Car


Britain is the home of the B-road these curvy little roads are enormous fun but what car is best to drive down them. Super car, theres no point you can get no real speed up before hitting a corner, also its England where it rains a lot so you may end up in a ditch. Family saloon, the B-road is meant for drivers, you don’t want to be distracted by your family, it should just be driver car road, so you need a two seater. Muscle car, forget it.


What you want is a classic British sports car, you want an MG, or a TVR something genuinely fun. The trouble with the modern British sports car is all you have is Morgan yes they make great cars but their made of wood. All the modern British sports cars are Japanese your MX5’s, MR2’s and S2000’s.


But these cars are still great fun awesome handling cheap to buy and relatively quick on a good twisty b-road. The reason the classic British sports car is Japanese is they just did it better we had TVR which broke down every time there was a day in the month, whereas a Honda S2000 will run even after the apocalypse. The Japanese cars are the reason we have no car companies we were good they were just better.


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