Competition in Motorsport

Competition in sport is basically the whole point of the sport. The idea is to beat your opponents, but what happens when one team or one person is dominating the entire sport. The sport becomes less exciting and loses fans because they always know who is going to win, take Usain Bolt in the 100 metres everybody knows he will dominate the entire race, so less people watch it. The same thing happens with motorsport. Every motorsport has had a time when only one team wins the championship. But what can organisers do to make it more exciting and bring back the viewers.

Sebastian Vettel

In Formula One Sebastian Vettel and the Redbull Racing Team has dominated for the last four seasons. I personally am not a fan of Vettel, I think there are much better drivers on the grid who simply don’t have the car to compete. Vettel is being compared to Michael Schumacher for his sheer domination of the sport. However towards the end of Schumacher’s first stint in F1 the organisers started changing the rules to try stop Michael’s endless winning. The F1 organisers are saying that the change to V6 Turbo engined cars is: “in order to make Formula One more environmentally aware.” However I believe the change is to put Redbull on the back foot, to make them completely change their design and to help other teams catch up. Will it work I don’t know but I think it will be exciting to find out.

Handa touring wagon

Touring cars are another area of motorsport where one team has dominated. The Honda Yuasa racing team has also won for the past four championships. Although there has been a bit more of a challenge to them from the MG of Jason Plato nobody has been able to beat them to the championship. Unlike in F1 I do think that Honda has two of the best drivers on the grid. But in this case the organisers haven’t done anything to end their domination of the sport. However Honda themselves have decided to give a bit more of a challenge to the 2014 championship by taking two Honda Civic Tourer to race. I think this is a brilliant example of sportsmanship by putting themselves at a disadvantage. But if they don’t win the championship I’d expect to see a normal Civic on the grid in 2015. Gordon Shedden Honda driver said of the Tourer: “It might be a Tourer, but it’s still a Civic, the car that has won every championship in BTCC for the last three seasons. I’m really looking forward to the challenge of next season, and to seeing what the Tourer can do on race day.” Shedden’s teammate Matt Neal added: “We’re all confident that the car can continue the long-standing success of the Civic in the championship and very much looking forward to putting it through its paces.”

Sebastien Loeb

Then we have my favourite motorsport where I think the best drivers on the planet compete, the WRC. Sebastien Loeb dominated the WRC for nine straight championships this beats any champions I’ve mentioned previously even the great Michael Schumacher. But weirdly nobody did anything to stop this domination apart from Loeb himself when he decided to retire from the WRC in 2013 if he had continued I am sure that he could have won another championship. Loeb still has love for rallying but wanted a new challenge, having won nine titles in a row I can understand him wanting a new challenge. Loeb says: “Rally driving is the most fun driving you can have, because you slide, you drive on every surface, you jump,” he has now gone on to smash the record at Pikes Peak and will take on the World Touring car Championship this year.


Overall there will always be domination in sport because you can’t say “Don’t win its not fair on the others.” This isn’t the school playground some people are just generally better at things that others aren’t. You can’t punish one for doing well. We just have to hope for a new person to come and beat out the old breed. The best thing I think is for teams to challenge themselves like the Honda touring car team. By bringing a tool unfit for the job you get a sport that’s more exciting to watch and more exciting to compete in.


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