Dave has killed Top Gear


The UK TV channel Dave has killed Top Gear many people complain about Top Gear being horribly stale and boring. They never had this problem many years ago, but since the inception of Dave they have just been showing repeats of Top Gear. This reminds people of the old top gear when it was more about cars.


If Top Gear wants to return to form it needs to stop being repeated on Dave. This will stop reminding people of old Top Gear and excite people when a new series of Top Gear comes on the TV. Just like the good old days. Yes I am aware it is quite easy to find top gear online but that is done by choice. Dave throws it in your face all day, and because daytime TV is crap it’s the only thing to watch.


Personally I think Top Gear has run its course now anyway after 22 series they have reached the limit of what they can do. Truck driving done, van driving done, super car drive across the world done, they only have space to cover now… oh no they’ve done that as well. When they start repeating themselves you now they’ve run out of ideas (amphibious cars).


Top Gear has to end, as they can’t get new presenters because they will always be in the shadow of Jeremy, Richard and James. People may complain about the foreign versions of Top Gear such as USA and Australia but personally I enjoy them they are fresh and new but still the same as Top Gear UK. They never will reach the hype of Top Gear UK as its not Jeremy Richard and James presenting.


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