The Classic look of the BBS RS


BBS wheels have been going for believe it or not over 40 years and there most iconic design is the RS. The wheel that suits all cars from classic modern Jap or German the BBS RS will go with pretty much any car. This has caused there to be many copies and replicas some look cheap and nasty others look really quite good.


Back in the good old days of the BTCC many of the factory teams used RS’s on their cars. Some may say they are just wheels but to a true petrol head a good original set of BBS RS are gorgeous and the timeless design will live on in the modified car world, be it on MK1 and 2 Golfs or even Jap imports.


It’s quite hard to pick up a nice cheap set but if you look around the interweb on forums and keep a close eye on eBay but be prepared to pay easily over £1000 for a half decent set.


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