The New Land Rover Discovery Concept


Land Rover has shown off their new concept for the Discovery today in the U.S. The new Discovery essentially follows the Range Rover in copying the Evoque’s design, you can definitely see styling cues from the Evoque in the headlights. What I’m waiting for is a Defender styled off the Evoque. (Probably not gonna happen)


The trouble with this new Discovery is it doesn’t look massively different from the Range Rover, they are both big 4-wheel drive off-road cars, they are both big luxurious SUV’s and they are both available with the classic supercharged V8. It used to be that the Discovery was the go between in the Land Rover range it wasn’t quite so rural as the Defender but it wasn’t as luxurious as the Range Rover. Now the Land Rover range is all luxury with one farmers vehicle from the 50’s.

The Land Rover Discovery 3 was the turning point in the range it was much better looking than the Disco 2 but it was slightly treading on the toes of the Range Rover then with the Discovery 4 it was ever so close to Range Rover there wasn’t much in it. Now Land Rover have 3 different Range Rovers, the original, the Sport, and now the Discovery.


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