Mini are at it again


Mini are at it again designing stupid cars nobody wants. This time they’ve made a Pick-up version of the Paceman. WHY! Nobody wanted the Paceman in the first place and now there’s a version that still nobody wants. And do you know what’s even more annoying. I kinda like the look of it. It’s similar to the old street cars that were made to go off-road like the Renault Espace Off-road and the Rover 25 Streetwise. Please bear in mind these cars were crap and should never have been made.


Why do I like the look of it, well its something that’s so familiar but ruggedized and made to look more classic off-road car with big wheels and fog lights on the roof. Happily the car is only a concept at the moment but the worrying thing is that the Clubman, Countryman and Paceman were all just concepts at one point.


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