The Daily Mirror has Killed Top Gear


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past week you will probably have heard about the Jeremy Clarkson n-word scandal. But if you haven’t here it is briefly. Jeremy Clarkson was heard to mumble the n-word during an outtake for Top Gear whilst singing the classic eenie meenie minie mo choice rhyme. Clarkson has since apologised on twitter with a video. But the BBC has called Jeremy in for a meeting and said that if he offends one more person he will be fired.

Top Gear is successful and the most watched show on the planet for one reason, the relationship between the presenters. With Clarkson under this incredibly short leash he can’t be himself he has always been the close to the line character he is now and removing that by shackling him will destroy the entertainment value of the show. Clarkson could ignore the BBC anyway and be himself but always someone somewhere will be offended by something said on Top Gear. This means that he will be sacked probably by the end of the next series. And without Jeremy Top Gear is done. I also don’t think Richard or James will continue without him. Both in being a friend to Jeremy and not ruining the show.


So congratulations Piers Morgan you’ve finally won you’ve killed the most successful show ever all in a petty feud with Jeremy.


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