5 Companies who turned it around

A lot of car companies are boring dull or just plain crap but some of these companies in recent years have turned it around to create actually really good cars. No Hyundai you are not on the list you were crap and you still are crap.

5. Kia


Kia was always the crappy little Korean car company that made crap boxes like the Rio. However in recent years Kia have turned it around with great little cars like the new Cee’d and with possibilities of seeing the Stinger GT4 Kia shows great signs of making great cars.

4. Citroen


Cheap cars for the masses this was the aim behind most of Citroens cars in the past that’s how we ended up with the Saxo and no 17 year olds from Essex putting big wheels and chopping the suspension does not make it a good car. But in recent years with their new DS range Citroen has turned it around making some really cool and interesting cars.

3. Volvo


Volvo aren’t who you’d expect to make great cars, they make safe boxes for you the kids and the dog. But recently with a couple of really nice concepts shown at motor shows they have the opportunity to make some really great cars.

2. Ferrari


You might expect that all Ferraris are amazing but you’d be wrong, the F430 looked like it had been hit with a frying pan, and the Enzo was a great drive but it was not a looker and don’t get me started on the California. But recently with cars like the 458, the F12 and the LaFerrari (Still a Stupid name) they are finally making pretty cars that are awesome to drive.

1. Skoda


Skoda were not a good car company they made horrible cars that fell apart and broke down all the time, but since the new Fabia they turned it around, with cars like the Roomster and the Octavia they finally got a great new premium style rather than being Volkswagen’s shitty cousin.


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